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As your dental care provider, our team at Plaza Dentistry wants to make sure your teeth are healthy and strong for years to come. Among other treatments, we may recommend that our patients get dental sealants or fluoride treatments at our Teaneck dental practice. Which option is best for you will depend on your own unique needs and goals – we recommend that you come in and discuss the possibilities during your dental examination!

Keeping Your Teeth Healthy

A simple way to help avoid tooth decay, sealants act as a first protective layer on your molars. The molars are uneven and grooved on the surface, often leading to the build-up of food particles and debris. Don't be discouraged! Even if you or your child regularly brush properly, it's sometimes impossible to get down in those difficult cracks.

The build-up results in the growth of bacteria, which will inevitably decay your exposed teeth. A sealant covers the tooth, stopping decay before it has a chance to take hold of your molars. Children especially should have sealants applied, as their teeth are not fully mature and their oral hygiene practices are often a little less careful than adults.

A sealant procedure involves:

  • Cleaning the tooth
  • Rinsing and thoroughly drying the tooth
  • Application of an abrasive agent which helps roughen the surface of your teeth
  • Rinsing and drying of the tooth again
  • The plastic sealant is then "painted" on
  • A special light quick-dries the material

You can have many teeth sealed at once, and we recommend you do so for the best possible protection.

Fluoride, on the other hand, is a commonly used mineral that can be topically applied to teeth with a rinse, gel, foam, or varnish. These treatments are much more highly concentrated than the fluoride that may be found in your water, toothpaste, or mouth rinse at home. It is a completely painless way to support healthy tooth enamel and protect it from harmful bacteria.

In either case, we recommend that our patients look into our in-office savings plan to find out how they can get the treatments they need for less!

How Long Do Sealants Last?

As with any other dental procedure, sealants wear down after years of use. You can prolong their lifespan by avoiding chewing taffy, sticky candies, and ice. These items can break your sealant, rendering them ineffective.

If you think you've broken a sealant, let us help! Call our Teaneck dental sealant specialists today at (201) 806-6478 to get started. We are offering virtual consults through teledentistry!

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