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For sometime I was consciously going through life not smiling because of the appearance of my teeth. I had developed an extreme phobia of the dentist and I even lived in severe pain for years instead of going to the dentist. I shared this fact with a close friend of mine who promptly told me that he too had a horrible fear but he had found a dentist that he was working with that was able to get him through it.

My friend was right, Dr. Hochstein and his staff have created an atmosphere that even the most nervous of patients can feel safe. They got me through the work I had been avoiding for years. I am a person that literally had gotten up and left dentist chairs before because I was so nervous. Dr. Hochstein and his staff got me through this fear with compassion. Taking things at a pace that worked for me, they gave me back a smile.

Beyond just his kindness in dealing with such a nervous patient David also does first class work. This becomes very evident if you look at some of his before and after pictures of patients. I am happy to be one of those patients!

Being able to smile again was like being let out of a prison. It was simply a joy and I am very grateful to David and his staff!

– Tim W.